Call for Papers

ICMIII 2024 focuses on the research in mechatronics, IoT and industrial informatics, and other related topics. Scholars from academia, and practitioners from industries are all welcomed. ICMIII 2024 will provide compelling platform to fully present your valuable achievements and innovative ideas.

Topics covered in ICMIII 2024 but are not limited to:


Topics Areas

      Topic 1: Mechatronics

      Haptics and Robotics Control
      Automation and Control Systems, Middleware
      Intelligent Control and AI in Mechatronics
      Design for Manufacture and Assembly
      Biomedical and Rehabilitation Engineering
      Computational Modelling and Software Engineering
      High-Precision Control, Micro/Nano Mechatronics
      Engineering Applications Supporting the SDGs
      IoT and Sensor Networks
      Digital Communication Systems
      Electrical Machines
      Humanoid Robots, Service Robots
      Control, Robotics And Mechatronics
      Automotive Control, Autonomous Vehicles
      Knowledge Based Systems
      Advanced Motion Control in Mechatronics
      Electrical and Electronic System
      Advanced Manufacturing
      Dynamic, Vibration, Acoustic and Control System
      Diagnosis and Monitoring in Mechatronic Systems
      Intelligent Systems and Information Technology
      Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Control
      Advances in Aerospace and Automotive
      Computer Vision
      Fiber-optic Communication
      Agile Manufacturing

      Topic 2: IoT

      Internet of Behaviours
      Distributed Ledger Technologies for IoT
      Novel Applications of IoT in Industry
      IoT Architectures
      Transient and Large-Scale Networks
      (Syntactic/Semantic) Interoperability in IoT
      Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in IoT
      Security and Privacy in IoT
      Industrial Internet of Things / Industry 5.0 / Internet-Enabled Quality
      AI and Machine Learning for the IoT
      Human Interaction with IoT
      New IoT Communication Technologies
      Sensing, Signal Processing, Actuation and Analytics in Small and Large-scale pilots
      IoT-enhanced AR/VR/MR, Metaverse, and Games
      Real-world Deployments, and Testbeds
      Edge AI/edge computing
      Internet of Behaviours
      Web of Things including Hypermedia Agents for the IoT

      Topic 3: Industrial Informatics

      Distributed and Networked Control and Automation Systems
      Industrial Informatics Tools
      Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems and Industrial Agents
      Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Applications
      Real-Time and Networked Embedded Computing, Industrial IoT Technologies and Applications
      Industrial Digitalization, Digital Twins in Industrial Applications
      Simulation, Virtual, Mix and Augmented Reality
      Robotics and Mechatronics in Industrial Applications
      Safety and Security in Industrial Applications
      Human, Computer and Machine Interaction
      Factory Automation and Communication Systems
      System and Software Engineering, Runtime Intelligence
      Technologies, Infrastructures and Applications for Smart Grids, Buildings, Cities and Smart Cities